311 N. Highland Street, Creve Coeur, IL 61610 *Phone: 309-699-7921 *  Email: crcopld@hotmail.com

Guidelines for Outreach patrons:


Only those who have a Creve Coeur Public Library card will be eligible for this service.


1. Books, magazines, recorded books (c.d. or cassette) will be checked out for a three-week period. Patron may have one renewal per item.

2. Music and Movies one-week rental. No renewals.

3. Replacement fees will be the responsibility of the patron for any item damaged.    

4. All late fees will be waived if weather prohibits pick-up of material.

5. There is a limit of 7 (seven) items per person that may be checked out at one time.


Procedure guidelines:


1. There are several ways that you can choose what is loaned to you- by author, title, or subject or genre. (Such as historical, mystery, science fiction, romance, fiction, non-fiction, western, etc.) Anyone with Internet access may log on to our website to find specific items that interest you. Our web address is:



2. Once you have determined what materials you want, you may phone:

309-699-7921 or write to us with the information. Our address is:

311 N. Highland, Creve Coeur, IL 61610.


3. If you have email you may submit requests for materials by emailing them to crcopld@hotmail.



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Outreach Program