A public library is the cornerstone of any community. It provides access to endless information, entertainment, programs, and is an economic asset to the area it serves. Without the support of patrons, residents, could not continue to thrive. By donating to the Leaving a Legacy Fund, you can help secure the future of the library for many generations to come. Support the library by donating in your name, your family’s name or in memory of a loved one. This fund will provide revenues we can use today or save toward a future expansion. Your donation may also be tax deductible, (check with your tax advisor). Thank you for considering a donation to the Creve Coeur Public Library.


Text Box: Planned giving is a way of making a sound investment in an important part of your community.  Planned giving includes such options as bequests, wills, bonds, securities, or properties, gifts annuities, charitable remainder trusts and life insurance.  Please discuss these options with your attorney, financial planner or tax advisor if you wish to take advantage of these options and help the Creve Coeur Public library district at the same time. 
Text Box: Planned Giving

Why Donate to the Library

Of course, you can help decide, if you  so choose, by selecting a specific category for your contribution.  For example if you and your spouse were a teacher and a carpenter you may choose to have the funds split between children's funds and maintenance funds.  This way your contribution may help purchase a new roof and the children’s summer reading program.

Account options include:

· Library expansion fund

· Children funds

· Adult funds

· Teen funds

· Material funds

· Technology funds

· Maintenance funds

· Material funds


Text Box: Your generous contribution to the Creve Coeur Public library District would be used to benefit all the library serves.  It may be used to maintain the building or to purchase new books, computer equipment, or to help enhance the children’s area.  There are many ways your donation can be used.

Am I able to specify it’s use?

Text Box: Can I change my mind later?
If you have a change of heart in the future and want to change how your contribution will be used; simply notify the library, and we can make an adjustment in our records.  However, you should also remember to notify your tax advisor and attorneys to update your personal records.  
How does the Library track my individual contribution?
The director tracks all donations to the library and will work directly with your attorney when the contribution is received.  Information is logged and the contribution will be allocated to the accounts you have specified.  All expenditures are approved by the library director to ensure all monies are used as you intended.

How will my Contribution be recognized ?

All contributions will be recognized on the library’s website, and press release.  Additionally contributions are recognized at different levels with a plaque which will be displayed in the library.

Of course, if you prefer your donation be anonymous, we will comply with your preference and exercise great discretion at your request.  

Text Box: How do I start and who can answer my questions?
The first step is to contact your tax advisor or attorney so they may help you determine the most advantageous way to make your contribution to the library.  They can guide you in your decision making process  without bias, and prepare the necessary paper work.  We will be happy to provide any information or documentation that you will need.

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